Cottage Lighting – “Less is More”

Cottage Lighting is very unique!

When lighting a cottage or cottage property you must respect the dark as much as you want to offer lighting. General rule of thumb is “less is more” as you want to offer subtle yet affective lighting. You also have to consider “Dark Sky” compliance in certain northern regions; Dark sky compliance is a mandate by many northern regions which stipulates you cannot uplight into the sky.

Notice this boat cover lighting and how it is positioned in each corner, angled into the ceiling. These lighting fixtures are usually used for tree uplighting. In this case we mount them in each upper corner on the structural beam with a 3 watt, 40 degree, LED lamp, warm colour output. This lighting defines the upper ceiling and beams as a feature as well as deflects the lighting down into the space. As you walk along the dock around this area there is no direct lighting coming down into the space. This offers a very relaxing feel and does not compete for your attention as you hear the sound of a distant loon!

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