Brighten Your Space Sustainably with Regal’s Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Solutions in Toronto

LEDs contain no dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cadmium, and pose no threat to your health and the environment, unlike older bulbs that require proper disposal when broken or expired. LED lighting solutions consume 90% less energy than conventional lighting and produce no heat or harmful light which reduces emissions by lowering the need for air conditioning and eliminating the harmful effects from infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV).

Transforming Spaces with Style: Toronto’s Premier Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Solutions at Regal

A single LED lasts as long as 50 of your old bulbs. LEDs are an eco-friendly lighting solution and sustainable product designed for long-term performance; additionally LED lights can be recycled or reused at the end of their lifecycle, creating sustainable product cycling to reduce your carbon footprint.

Regal Lighting Designs: Pioneering Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Solutions in Toronto

The durability and longer lasting life of a single LED lamp eliminates what would have been as much as 50 old bulbs, meaning less raw material used for production and waste ending up in landfills. A truly sustainable product that does more with less.

  • Watts
  • Electricity Use
  • Lumens
  • Durability
  • Mercury Free
  • Temp. Sensitivity
  • Startup
  • Power Cycling

LEDLight Emitting Diode

50,000Hours Life
  • 7 watts
  • $1.50 @ 15 KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Very Durable
  • Yes
  • Instant
  • No Impact

CFLCompact Flourescent

5,000Hours Life
  • 15 watts
  • $3.30 @ 33KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Fragile Glass
  • No
  • Issues under -10 C
  • Delayed
  • Reduces Life

IncandescentFilament Based

1,000Hours Life
  • 60 watts
  • $13.50 @132 KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Fragile Glass
  • Yes
  • Instant
  • Reduces Life

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