Where Light Meets Life

Welcome to Regal Lighting Designs. We are a family-run business that has been providing leading-edge, LED lighting solutions since 2001; One of the lighting industry pioneers into LED technology.  Our architectural, exterior and landscape lighting designs enhance and extend your living space into the outdoors. Most importantly, our custom work and creativity transform your property into a more beautiful, valuable and environmentally-safe place to thrive. It is not just lighting, it is “Where Light Meets Light”.


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Media Coverage

Our superior designs have been noticed by leading industry experts. We have had extensive media coverage with: Mike Holmes’ Ultimate Garage, Decked Out, Debbie Travis, Steven Maxwell – Canada’s Handiest Man, Canadian Homes and Cottages, Toronto Star, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Nova Scotia Herald and Forum Magazine. Our lighting products have also been featured in the “Dream Home” at the National Home Show for four consecutive years.

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All Homes Benefit from A Lighting Design!

All Homes Benefit from A Lighting Design!

All homes benefit from the impact of lighting with Regal Lighting Designs: The lighting on the house is subtle but affective. One and three watts only used on house down lighting. Notice the garage has a wider beam pattern as more lighting is required for security and functionality in this area. Notice the front maple …
Residential Up-Lighting Into concrete driveway/walkways

Residential Up-Lighting Into concrete driveway/walkways

Notice the subtlety of the lighting. Location from the wall, beam pattern and intensity of lighting must be properly selected. This home is in a mature community and subtle lighting is key. We selected warm white due to brick colour. Notice the highlighting of the stone mouldings. Also notice the pillars become a structural feature …