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LED lighting provides numerous benefits as a safer lighting option eliminating the risk of exposure to UV and chemicals like mercury or cadmium. Many people are unaware of the dangers that come with exposure to these chemicals, UV or the procedure for handling the waste and disposal of CFL bulbs. CFLs present a potentially dangerous risk for a comparatively less efficient light source. Most importantly LED lighting eliminates your need to handle and dispose of unsafe materials.

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LED lamps also reduce light heat, they remain cool no matter how long they are lit. The longer life means you will not be changing hard to reach bulbs, no longer having to climb on stools and ladders to change lights or touch hot fixtures.

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Our lighting design systems reduce the chance of physical injury associated with the old need to replace bulbs. Health and physical safety are not the only practical benefits of LED lighting solutions, with minimal energy consumption your exterior lighting can remain on all night, every night, providing your home with added security.

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“Exterior lighting provides your family and home with active protection from intrusion, unlike motion sensors or cameras which are passive and do not actively prevent unwanted guests from coming near your home.”
-Tom Herstad, Regal Lighting Designs

  • Watts
  • Electricity Use
  • Lumens
  • Durability
  • Mercury Free
  • Temp. Sensitivity
  • Startup
  • Power Cycling

LEDLight Emitting Diode

50,000Hours Life
  • 7 watts
  • $1.50 @ 15 KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Very Durable
  • Yes
  • Instant
  • No Impact

CFLCompact Flourescent

5,000Hours Life
  • 15 watts
  • $3.30 @ 33KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Fragile Glass
  • No
  • Issues under -10 C
  • Delayed
  • Reduces Life

IncandescentFilament Based

1,000Hours Life
  • 60 watts
  • $13.50 @132 KWh/yr
  • 800
  • Fragile Glass
  • Yes
  • Instant
  • Reduces Life

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