Every home has a number of counters. They’re in the kitchen, in the bathroom and often outdoors, if you have a place for people to gather. For the most part, they perform a fairly simple task. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get more from them. In terms of functionality, beauty and improving your resale value, under counter LED lighting makes a lot of sense for this otherwise straightforward feature.

As the name suggests, LED under counter lighting is a light fixture that sits under the counter. When it’s not on, these lights are completely hidden from view. Then, when you turn them on, they provide light from under the counter so that the source is still tucked away where it can’t be seen.

The effect is a unique one. One thing a lot of people like about under counter lighting is how it keeps direct light from hitting your eye. When you first wake up in the morning and it’s still dark outside, this is definitely preferable. Likewise, if you visit the kitchen for a late night craving, you’ll be glad you have under counter lighting instead of one shining from overhead.

Under counter LED lighting is still fairly new, however, it’s caught on enough that people are beginning to demand it when looking to purchase homes. For this reason, under counter lighting contributes to a higher resale value when you sell your house.

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