How LEDs Are Green: Another Reason to Get an Eco-friendly LED Lighting Solution from Regal Lighting

In the old ages, candles and torches were the only artificial light sources available to us. These solutions were rather dim and prone to going out in heavy winds. The introduction of the incandescent light bulb in the 1880s was a massive boon to nighttime productivity and living.

But just a few decades ago, a new technology is becoming a similar step up: the LED. These lights come in several color temperatures ranging from a yellowish hue to bright blue, giving you more flexibility in choosing the right mood lighting for parts of your home.

Plus, they were cheaper than incandescent lights thanks to much higher durability and longevity. Thanks to improvements in manufacturing and the spread of LED technology, production costs are much lower for LEDs now than in the past.

Another major advantage of LEDs over traditional incandescent bulbs is eco-friendliness. We’re going to discuss how and why an eco-friendly LED lighting solution is ideal for your home decorating.


One of the biggest selling points of an eco-friendly LED lighting solution is the far superior lumens per watt ratio. The brightness of an LED light is measured in lumens.

While old incandescent bulbs could guzzle up to 60 Watts for 700 lumens of brightness, an equivalent LED would only consume up to 10 Watts. The reduced energy waste means more money in your pocket in annual electrical bills and benefits for the Earth.


CFL bulbs are another type of lighting with similar efficiency benefits. However, they contain mercury. An eco-friendly LED lighting solution, on the other hand, is made with non-toxic materials and is completely recyclable.

LEDs are also safer to use than other types of lighting since they burn at a lower temperature.


Here’s another huge reason eco-friendly LED lighting solutions are rendering other types of lights into obsolescence. Whereas standard incandescent bulbs last only around 700 to 800 hours, LEDs can last between 50,000 and 100,000.

Even if you keep an LED on 24/7, it will likely not require replacement even a decade into the future, perfect if you need lighting in hard-to-reach places like high up in a ceiling or a crevice.

LEDs are great for outdoor placement as well thanks to resilience against weather conditions. In some cases, they are used in remote areas and run off solar power.

Eco-friendly LED Lighting Solutions | Regal Lighting | Oakville – Burlington – Etobicoke

It’s no secret that eco-friendly LED lighting solutions are the next big thing in artificial lighting, and Regal Lighting wants to bring you into the future with an eco-friendly LED lighting solution for your home.

Our team has over a decade of experience providing beautiful and environmentally conscious outdoor lighting to gardens and yards of hundreds of residential customers throughout Oakville, Burlington, Etobicoke, and other cities around Canada. We can fine-tune a perfect system for your case thanks to direct contact with our equipment manufacturers.

Contact us today and see how you can dramatically improve your home’s exterior design while also contributing to a greener future.

  • Eco-friendly LED lighting solutions are quickly overtaking other types of light bulbs for many reasons. They are more customizable and economical for instance.
  • LEDs are also far more environmentally friendly thanks to far higher efficiency, durability, and longevity. Expect to save not only on your electric bill but also your home’s carbon footprint with LEDs.

For the perfect introduction to the world of high-efficiency bulbs, get your home’s next beautiful outdoor lighting done by Regal Lighting. We’re dedicated to serving residential homes across Canada.