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Mike Holmes

Barry W. from Oakville

Your team was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. As for the finished job, well you made our house a stand out on the street, provided us with additional security. The look of the soft white light on the house and grounds is even more than I hoped for. A great job by some of the best people in the business.

James S. of Muskoka

After building a new boat house, we started investigating our options for external lighting. Having explored numerous companies, we decided on Regal Lighting Designs. We are thrilled with the final product which more than meets our expectations and more importantly, we are happy with the high calibre of service from Regal in terms of installation, cost, timing and follow up. We had a minor issue arise after the sale and we were so impressed with Tom’s follow up and quick response to correct the problem, which required outside work in subzero temperatures! I highly recommend Regal Lighting Designs to anyone considering contemporary, professional lighting.

Steve R. of Oakville

We met Tom from Regal Lighting at the Home Show in Toronto last year. After the show, Tom came to our home and provided us with a quote and custom lighting design for our house. We had Regal come in and install 10 LED potlights on the exterior of our house. We had priced out regular potlights though our new home builder and Tom's prices were much better for what we actually got. We love the product for a few reasons... first off, they look amazing! Our home stands out on our street and we regularly have folks asking us who did the work. The way the lights were installed and the angles the beams shine at looks just fantastic! Secondly, we will NEVER have to change a bulb! Our poor neighbours are constantly replacing their lights that don't look even half as good! Third, they cost us almost nothing to run! Less than $10 / year for all our lights! And they are on a timer (the timer even knows to calculate daylight savings times!) and they automatically come on at sundown and shut off at sunrise. Lastly, Tom was the epitome of professional - as were all the guys he had working with him. They did a few lights inside the home also and we courteous, on-time and tidy. I really have noting but rave reviews for these guys and would recommend their products and service to anyone in a heart-beat. And if you're like our poor neighbours and find yourself up on a ladder always changing bulbs -- do yourself a favour and have Regal swop them out for you!

Peter B.

We chose this system because of the low operating cost and set-it-and-forget-it feature. The lights are fantastic and we have nothing but compliments from friends and neighbors.

Len Griffith

As you could see when you dropped by, the lighting you installed has significantly improved our house, and added real value! The soft, clean lighting is terrific for security, and it looks great. The lighting you installed on the back deck is exactly what we had hoped for. Thanks very much for your assistance, which has been greatly appreciated. In this world where customer service is almost impossible to find, and once you’ve paid for something, you can’t even get a contractor to call you back for a simple question, you have stood out- thank you for being so available to answer questions, and to attend at our home even where we are the ones who caused the problem! Wishing you the best, and of course, if you have prospective customers, they should go by our place to see how great the lighting can make a house look.

Leigh Howell

Just wanted to let you know that the lighting and layout is just what we wanted. The placement of the LEDs emphasizes the front design elements nicely and also gives the security and safety we had discussed. Thanks very much.

Brian Davis

Just a short note to thank Tom and the crew at Regal Lighting for a job well done!Your company provided professional service, installation and even design. The product speaks for itself. Regards & Thanks.


We put our trust in Tom’s suggestions and design and he did not disappoint. The lights add sophistication and elegance to our home. We are very happy with the outcome. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to other customers.

D.G. from Oakville

Within 90 seconds of speaking with Tom we knew that we had a knowledgeable person that would help us get the job done right. Tom observed our property inside and out. He made suggestions to the finest detail - not just where to put lights, but what angle they should project, what intensity, and what colour temperature. He even suggested that we swap out the CFL bulbs in our standard fixtures, so that they would match the pots and landscape lights. THAT is what differentiates RLD from all of the rest that we considered - he tailored his lighting to our unique needs.

Francesca F. from Mississauga

The outside of my home looks stellar.  I have received numerous compliments on how beautiful the house looks at night. I love the design.  Tom recommended we add some landscape lighting to the back on a couple of trees as well and I must admit it adds a whole new dimension to the backyard.  Tom is great to work with and a trusted Contractor as he is “Holmes Approved”.  It is the most economical way to light up your home and make it look great.

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