LED Lighting


Are LEDs safe?
LEDs are the safest light source available, unlike some other light sources our LEDs do not project ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation. They do not contain hazardous chemicals like mercury or lead, they are recyclable, and do not have parts made of glass or other fragile materials making them more durable.
Why do LEDs have such a blue light?
Not all LEDs produce blue light, in fact LEDs are available in all the same whites as any other light source. Also LEDs provide a much wider range of colours, beam patterns and intensities.
Do colours of materials and paintings show correctly with LEDs?
LEDs can match the colour index of any type of light. With LED lighting colours will be as true as under daylight or white light.
Are LED lamps more expensive than incandescent or CFL?
LED lamps are more of an investment than older light sources. They last up to a 100 times longer than old bulbs so despite the higher initial investment. Over time LEDs save you on the cost of up to 100 traditional bulbs and also as much as 90% in energy.

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